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How To Have A Heart For Those In Prison

Morning Inspiration: Remember those in prison, as if you were there yourself.
Hebrews 13:3
Most of us have never been inside a jail, & even the thought of visiting someone in lockup frightens us!
Yet Jesus told us to do just that in Matthew 25:36! Caring for those in prison is not something that comes easily for most of us, yet it brings great joy & reward. Over the years I’ve been blessed to be involved in some wonderful ministries that focus on serving those in long term custody. A few days ago, I was allowed to share my heart & God’s Word for 30 minutes, with over 300 inmates at the Women’s Correctional Center in Springer NM. Their attention & response to my message brought me to tears! Almost 200 are already deeply involved in transforming their lives through a personal relationship with Jesus. Many more are just getting started. One of the ladies gave us a beautiful idea, that could be a wonderful way for you to develop ‘a heart’ for those in prison. She asked if we would pray for them every day, & said they would pray for us. She suggested we do this daily at 12 Noon. I LOVE this idea & invite you to join me, starting today. Let this be the beginning of us each living out Hebrews 13:3 daily, “Remembering those in prison, as if we were there ourselves”!


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Careful Listening, Deeper Understanding

Morning Inspiration:  “To those who listen to my teaching, more understanding will be given. But for those who are not listening, even what little understanding they have will be taken away from them.”  Jesus in Mark 4:25
Who doesn’t desire a deeper understanding of God’s plan for us in this world? As Jesus uses the term here, ‘listening’ is much more than just hearing what He says. If you hear God’s Word, but don’t listen carefully to what it teaches us to do, then it becomes worthless.  Careful listening gives us a much deeper understanding of what to expect, & how to react. Jesus warns that careless or lazy listening, puts us in danger of losing what understanding we may already have. Listen carefully to all that Jesus teaches; then think about it seriously, pray deeply & respond eagerly.
May God Bless,
Pastor Steve Stucker

Urgent Prayer Request for Laura Galbraith

I just returned from a hospital visit with Laura Galbraith. Many of you know she has been bravely battling a rare form of cancer for the past several years. Today, due to another development in her health status, Laura decided to discontinue any further treatments. While she still believes God can and will cure her, she is at the stage where her knowledge of this situation has brought her to understand that further medical treatments are useless. While she is sad it has come to this, she is still hopeful, & joyful.  She joked & laughed again & again during our short visit.

Her sister Beth is here & will be able to stay, while plans are made for Laura to move into Home Hospice care. I told Laura how grateful I have been for her openness throughout this long & difficult process. Her Facebook posts have been open & honest, & she has repeatedly expressed her complete & endless faith in Jesus. She has encouraged many others through her personal witness in th…

Our sister Laura Galbraith is now with Jesus.

Our sister Laura Galbraith is now with Jesus. Her sister Beth let us know early this evening that the time was close, & Laura passed into the arms of our Savior about 7:30 tonight. Laura has been an active part of our NCC family for many years. Until she became very ill recently, she faithfully baked delicious loaves of homemade bread each week, to be handed out to every guest on their first visit to New Covenant.

Laura was a rather quiet person in crowds, but was very bold about her faith in Jesus. She was also brave enough to share many of the details of her cancer journey through her Facebook posts over the past several years. Being extremely intelligent, she did a good amount of research & study on her type of cancer. She wrote about her hope for new types of treatment, but ALWAYS stated that she had total trust in Jesus, and would be satisfied with whatever He decided. During our visit in the hospital just a few days ago, she was active & talkative, even a bit embarra…