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Letting The Lord Light Us Up!

Morning Inspiration! O Lord, you are my lamp.
The Lord lights up my darkness.
2 Samuel 22:29
King David wrote a long, heartfelt prayer of gratitude to God, after being rescued from his enemies. He says the Lord is his rock, his shield & his strong fortress...yet calling God his lamp, makes this verse stands out to me. For all his success, David had many dark periods in his life. Some were self caused, others not his fault in any way. Isn’t that the case for many of us? Through it all, he looked to God as his guiding light. I’m teaching at New Covenant Church this Sunday, and my message is A Year of Light In The Lord. I pray you’ll join us for a look at how the Light of Jesus in our life, makes ALL the difference. You’ll go home with a suggested Scripture about God’s Light, to help you through every month of the year to come.


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A Pastor's Free Day

My “free day“. A day of serving the Lord.
Today was one of those rare Saturdays when I didn’t have two or three meetings and or events scheduled. All I had to do was meet with a young couple at 10 AM to do pre-marriage counseling for their upcoming wedding.

Plans changed the moment I woke up. I saw a text that came in just before midnight from a single mom in our fellowship at New Covenant. Her son had been shot in the head at a convenient store parking lot about 6–8 months ago. (I have written in detail about this elsewhere on this blog). Her note was alarming. Her son had to be rushed to the emergency room overnight. He had bad headaches and swelling from the head surgery he had had several days ago. Once they arrived at the hospital, he had a very serious seizure that lasted almost 30 minutes. It took several nurses and doctors to restrain him while this was happening. I rushed to the hospital as soon as I was able. We were able to provide some cash for mom for general expenses, from…

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Urgent prayer request for our brother Josh Link, his wife Mary & their young children. Here is the latest Facebook post from Josh:
So apparently I’m really bad at this social media stuff. It has been over a year since I’ve given everyone an update on my health, so here goes.
As most of you know by now, I’ve been fighting colorectal cancer since August 2016. I made it through all the treatments and surgeries and was considered “cancer free” until February of this year when they found some new lesions on my liver and a possible lymph node. Thus, I began chemo again in March and finished in May. The cancer responded well to the chemo so they determined another liver resection was the best course of action.
I have spent the last couple months recovering from the chemo, getting mistletoe treatments, and doing everything possible to get as strong and healthy as possible for the pending surgery. I will have that surgery tomorrow at 0730 at UNM main and hope to be out within 3-4 days. …

Things To Do? There's Really Only Two!

Morning Inspiration: Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. Philippians 4:6-7 As well as I know this verse, & as much as I lean on it...I need to put it into action more often! The Peace of God goes beyond all human understanding, & is just the opposite of how most of us live day to day. I find myself making a mental inventory of ‘All The Things I Have to Do’, or worrying about how I’m going to provide all that is expected. It often seems impossible & overwhelming. When all I really HAVE to do, is worry less, & pray more! “Lord Jesus, please remind me that YOU are in control, & will provide everything I need, to accomplish all that you desire for me to do in your name today.”